Hitachi RMWX8200 Rotary Men's Electric Shaver

Men's Electric Shaver

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Key features

  • Men's Mains & Rechargeable Shaver using Twin Rotary Cutters
  • Wet & Dry Operation allows cleaning under the tap
  • Uses 10 razor edges that revolve at high speed giving a close, smooth shave (similar in principle to that of a cyclinder lawn mower)
  • Luminescent blue percentage charge bargraph indicator (indicates level remaining)
  • Automatic voltage selection using 100-240V
  • One and a half hours to full charge
  • Features pop up sideburn trimmer
  • Comes with storage case, charging stand, and cleaning brush


The RMWX8200 uses a rarer cutter system based on two rotary cutting blades. The nearest comparison would be with a rotary lawn mower with its cylindrical cutter spinning at high speed. The Hitachi has two of these cutters and consequently has the advantage of a twin foil. Under the tap cleaning is almost commonplace these days on manufacturers new models but its still a welcome feature. The charge level indicator is straight out of the star ship enterprise and quite futuristic looking, no more functional than alternate designs but it definitely brings a unique look!

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Hitachi RMWX8200 Rotary Men's Electric Shaver Reviews

Close shave

Submitted by Roger Corfield on 13 December 2004

I also have two Philips and two Panasonic shavers. All are good in different ways but the Hitachi RMWX8200 shaves the closest.The best test is if your chin still feels reasonably smooth in the evening. Its only improvement I would recommend is Hitachi should increase its power a little more. Hitachi are brilliant on design and poor on marketing, otherwise one would see such shavers being more widely used.


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