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Panasonic ES8017 Linear Drive Washable Men's Electric Shaver

a Panasonic Men's Electric Shaver

Men's Electric Shaver

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Key features

  • <strong>Special Offer Price</strong>
  • A shave quality ahead of its price!
  • Tap washable design (NOT fully waterproof)
  • Revolutionary 13,000 RPM Linear Motor Drive
  • Triple blade shaving system
  • Two foils and centre slit blade to catch longer hairs
  • Slide up sideburn trimmer
  • One hour charge using auto 100-240V via supplied lead
  • 3 colour LED indicates charge status
  • Comes with storage pouch and cleaning brush


We're pleased to offer the ES8017 at a new great price. What makes this shaver so impressive is its Linear Drive motor system, operating at a self regulating 13,000 rpm.<br><br>This is the smaller brother to the very popular <a href="shopping.php?product_id=20">ES8093</a>, yet packs the same powerful motor. It doesn't have the LCD display and flexible head system but don't let that distract you from what is an awesome package for the price now offered.<br><br>Although it is foolish to suggest one shaver would suit everyone, the ES8017 really would take some beating as a sub 60 foil shaver. Given its high specification it is also worth considering when looking at shavers up to the 80-90 mark.

Panasonic ES8017 Linear Drive Washable Men's Electric Shaver Reviews


Submitted by Paul on 28 April 2009
5 out of 5

I bought the Panasonic ES8017 in October 2003. It is now coming up to 6 years old.

I drain the battery every time until it stops and then recharge, so far so good, still on the first battery. Strangely it always dies just after I have finished my shave so I am never left half shaven (telepathic shaver). I get about 3 weeks shaving from a full charge, which is excellent for holidays, as you don't need to bring the charger unless you go for longer than that.

I have gone through a few cutters and foils in this time, and it is giving me as good a shave today as it did when new. The trimmer is probably not as sharp, but still does the job.

I think it cost me £56 in 2003. If only everything in this world was made with such good design and quality.

Only complaint is price of cutters and foils are absolutelty ridiculous. Almost the same price as this razor for one foil and set of cutters, but all manufacturers do the same.

The price of this razor proves how much markup there is in the electric razor market. Braun and Philips competing at almost £250! Crazy. And you do not get a better shave for 4 times the price! As for cleaning and travelling, the ES8017 is a doddle in both respects.

Sounds like a wasp...

Submitted by Peter Redpath on 4 October 2005
4 out of 5

Just received my Panasonic today - a great difference to my very old Braun. Surprisingly close shave, almost a wet one! The machine came fully charged and in rapid time. Compared with other machines it is excellent value at �60. Would recommend this company and this razor to anyone.

Superb shave

Submitted by Jonny on 26 September 2005
4 out of 5

Sorry it has taken so long to write this review, but having now used this shaver for 6 months, I can truly confirm what an excellent shave it provides. Not only close but also without any irritation. Being able to clean it under the tap is very convenient too. My only criticism is that I find it a bit noisy. Like other reviewers, I must also compliment on their exemplary service.

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