Braun BP3560 SensorControl EasyClick Pro Blood Pressure Monitor

a Braun Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

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Key features

  • EasyClick cuff - Self adjusting strap ensures an accurate fit for an accurate reading
  • Active positioning system guides user to recommended measuring postion
  • Confirmation System- Green and red light indicate if correct measuring position was maintained Large LCD display shows systolic & diastolic blood pressure & pulse
  • 100 measurement memory enables user to monitor blood pressure changes


Braun strives to fulfil our consumers’ true needs with products that distinguish themselves through meaningful innovative features and benefits, high quality standards in performance and durability and ergonomic, distinctive and aesthetic design.

Naturally, if you care about your health, you care about your blood pressure.

To treat hypertension successfully, your doctor may recommend that you take your blood pressure at home regularly, and record the results.

This information can be very valuable for your treatment - but only if it is accurate.

Blood Pressure measured in a doctors office only provides a momentary value. Repeated measurements at home better reflect one's actual blood pressure value under everyday conditions. Moreover, many people have different blood pressure when they measure at home because they tend to be more relaxed than when in the doctors office.

Regular blood pressure measurements taken at home can provide your doctor with valuable information on your normal blood pressure values under actual 'everyday' conditions.

Accuracy is extremely important. That's why it's so important to hold your wrist monitor in the right position - at heart level.  Also, to obtain an accurate reading, it is essential to fasten the cuff correctly.

The Braun SensorControl EasyClick Blood Pressure Monitors are designed to address the key issues with taking your own blood pressure.

The EasyClick cuff is a self adjusting strap, similar to a seatbelt mechanism, which ensures the device is fitted accurately.

The Active Positioning System is an illuminated picture of a human torso & arm, if you have the device positioned incorrectly, it will be displayed on the machine & arrows will light up indicating that you must raise or lower your arm.

Furthermore, this device has a green & red light Confirmation System to indicate whether the reading was taken accurately.

It is clinically validated to AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instruments) & ESH (European Society of Hypertension) protocol, giving you reassurance that the readings are accurate if the device is used correctly.

This product can record 100 readings to its memory & includes a Blood Pressure Diary to record your result & show your GP.

The auto shut off function makes the free AAA Duracell batteries last even longer.

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