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Philips HQ8894/01 Men's Electric Shaver

a Philips Men's Electric Shaver

Men's Electric Shaver

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Key features

  • <strong>Last Few For a Great Price Reduction</strong>
  • Sensotec 8000 series Aquagenic Philishave Range
  • Sensotec Lift & Cut with Personal Comfort Adjustment for Sensitive/Normal
  • 3 Head Reflex 3D contour following shaving system
  • <strong>Charging stand with integrated clock</strong>
  • Mains and Rechargeable operation using auto 100-240V
  • First electric shaver to use Li-ION rechargeable cells for improved performance
  • <strong>One hour charge for up to an exceptional 100 minutes running time (highest of ANY shaver)</strong>
  • Pop up trimmer
  • Multifunctional backlit PolyLCD shaving computer giving charge level, minutes remaining and cleaning information
  • Shaving head washable under the tap
  • Comes with leather pouch, cleaning brush and stand
  • Philishave 2 Year Warranty


<strong>These are the last few HQ8894 and this standard of Philishave wont be available at this price for at least a year as money off on new models is usually quite limited to start with.</strong><br><br><hr><br>The Philishave 8000 Sensotec range is the latest to be released and considerable overhaul from past designs. Looking over the model you can see many of the influences from the previous ranges and in a sense not a lot has changed, after all the previous range was very effective. However as new technology becomes available and more cost effective to include you will see improvements as is the case here.<br><br>One of the main changes to the 8000 range is the addition of the Personal Comfort Adjuster. This allows you to dial in the response the cutting heads and reflex system applies to the face. It's all about customisation and individuality of shave, each person will be able to achieve the most comfortable shave for their skin type within the bounds of design and adjustment available. In reality you will set this once and then forget about it, I don't think it's an essential feature for most people but as it's there it is worth playing with.<br><br>Also to have changed to the cutting system is the cutting head itself, or all three of them to be precise! Building on the previous Quadra design each cutting head now consists of greater variation in cutting surface. Instead of one coarse and one fine area the fine cutting area has been split in two and a coarse area inserted in the divide. The heads are physically the same size but as you can see try a slightly different approach to the lower 7000 range Quadra/Aquagenic models.<br><br>Cosmetically the design is more sleek and ergonomic and has various construction and material improvements. Now there are actually metal components on the exterior! The pop up trimmer on all Sensotec models is an all metal item and on the top of the range HQ8894 a large area of the body around the head assembly is also metal. Regardless of material all models are well assembled and share a nice feel and balance/weighting in use.<br><br>The HQ8894 is the top of the range and has a reasonably top price but you do get a very advanced Philishave for your money. It features unparalleled Li-ION rechargeable cells for a massive 100 minutes running time with improved consistency of power delivery. The charge display is now almost worthy of being regarded as a shaving computer, giving minutes of running time remaining, cleaning requirements and constant updates on your shaver's status. The HQ8894's LCD display panel is certainly not run of the mill with a clear silver appearance and backlit design it offers a very unique look. A luxurious leather storage pouch keeps the shaver company while not in use or you have the option to show its modern flare to the world (or whoever visits your bathroom) with the supplied stand.<br><br>For those with slightly <strong>sensitive skin</strong> we have been using this shaver with the <a href="shopping.php?product_id=391">M & M Powder Stick</a> and found it to be a great combination. The tap washable feature of the HQ8894 means it is very easy to maintain and clean after each use. The user will enjoy a smoother shave, and in our opinion, the sensation of a closer shave. For the small cost of the "Stick" it is well worth experimenting with.<br><br>If you want to see one in action just check out James Bond in Die Another Day, with a cut smooth enough for bullets to slide over who's going to argue with this shaver's ability?!


Philips HQ8894/01 Men's Electric Shaver Reviews

Philishave Norelco 8550

Submitted by Danny Tan on 19 January 2008
5 out of 5

No, I did not purchase a Sensotec HQ8894 from your site.
Simply because the Philishave 8550 that I purchased in 1997 is still running strong after all these 10 years. I used the shaver daily for all these years and the shaving heads are still performing as if it was newly purchased. The trick is the maintenance. After 9 years, one day the original Ni-Cadmium battery just died on me suddenly. I just went to any hardware shop with some soldering capability and he removed my depleted Ni-Cadmium batteries and replaced it with Sanyo long-lasting Lithium-Ion batteries. Once in 2 mths, I will flush the shaving heads with a strong jet of water to remove the accumulated hair and debrises. Viola, the 5885 shaver nows works like a dream. In fact, just this morning, I almost got a shaving rash, because the cut was so close. Reminded me of my first shave out of the box, in which I got a shaving rash and bits of lost skin because the shave was so new and the shaving was so close to the skin. Hiya, try it you will never know that a Philishave can last more than a decade with some of the best shaves possible. Go buy a Philishave it rocks, works way longer than the previous Brauns, Hitachi shavers that I've encountered

Heavenly shaving / shopping experience.

Submitted by Peter H (Isle of Wight) on 8 April 2006
5 out of 5

This shaver is amazing: it is everything I am looking for in an electric shaver and more. I cannot recommend the shaver or this company highly enough. If you're considering purchasing an electric shaver then look no further than the 8894. It is subtle, quiet, sleek, stylish...need I go on? Pros: 100 mins cordless shaving time (yes, that`s 100 minutes, guys), wonderful gadetry (you can play around with the display, dial in its head response etc...), tap washable...

Cons = Zero / zilch / nothing / nought.

The price was amazing, though I'm gutted it went down a tenner the day after I purchased it. The free gifts were a welcome bonus.

Everything about this shaver oozes style. If it`s good enough for James Bond (or Jenny, for that matter) then it`ll certanly do for me. Being a guy, one cannot help peeking at Bond with this shaver in action on Die Another Day...and dreaming.

I've used it for under a week, and its performance is truly amazing. To think the shave will get even better as time goes on is quite mind-boggling as I`m already getting a very close shave indeed.

I'm using the shaver with the powder stick, which thanks to the reviews and advice here on this site, has turned out to be a winning combination.

Amazing shaver, amazing price, amazing service! You'd be mad to miss out on this offer. Happy shaving days!

James Bond eh...!

Submitted by Dales Setter on 6 April 2006
5 out of 5

Live in remote region and ordered this item on-line in the afternoon and received it by recorded delivery (with some free goodies!) the following morning. Excellent service from the supplier and I am delighted with the product. The shaver was supposedly used in a film by James Bond, although when I used it and looked in the mirror, I looked more like Jenny Bond! Still - at least I was clean shaven!

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