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Philips QG3337/15 Series 3000 - 7 in 1 Grooming Kit

a Philips Grooming Kit

Create the perfect style you desire with the Philips Series 3000 7-in-1 Grooming Kit. The full-size trimmer lets you create and maintain your style, whilst 6 other features let you customise your look; detail trimmer, nose trimmer, beard comb, body groom comb, detail & eyebrow comb and hair-clipping comb. 

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Key features

  • Full size trimmer for neck line, sideburns and chin
  • 21mm detail trimmer for fine lines, small areas and details
  • Nose trimmer: Comfortably remove unwanted hairs
  • 18 length setting beard & moustache comb
  • 10 length settings body trimming comb
  • 18 length setting hair clipping comb
  • 1 detailing comb to trim or tidy up sideburns and eyebrows
  • 35 minutes of cordless use after 10 hour charge
  • Fully washable for easy cleaning
  • 2 year guarantee, worldwide voltage, no oil needed


Create your perfect style with this waterproof MultiGroomer. The full size trimmer with adjustable beard comb, hair comb and body comb, the detail trimmer with comb and the nose trimmer, gives you all the tools to perfect your look.

Full size trimmer

Maintain your style, get clean, sharp lines around the edge of your beard, or create perfect stubble with the full-sized trimmer.

Detail trimmer

Create the fine lines and details that define your style with the detail trimmer.

Nose trimmer

Easily and comfortably remove unwanted hairs from your ears and nose with this clip-on rotary trimmer

Beard comb

Keep your beard at the length you prefer. Choose from 18 length settings in 1mm steps by using the beard comb on the full-sized trimmer.

Bodygroom comb

Trim your body hair to the length you prefer by selecting between 10 different length settings on the body-trimming comb.

Detail & eyebrow comb

Trim your eyebrows, sideburns and facial details to a uniform length

Hair-clipping comb

Keep your hair neat and styled at the length you prefer by selecting between 18 different length settings on the hair-clipping comb, in 1mm steps (3-20mm).


View our handy how-to guides over on the blog for expert tips on how to maintain your beard and the best product advice you can find by our team of professionals.

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Philips QG3337/15 Series 3000 - 7 in 1 Grooming Kit Reviews

Jury's out

Submitted by Boz on 25 April 2017
2.5 out of 5

I have just received the product and the biggest problem I am having is trying to find a set of coherent instructions. It is not particularly clear in some cases which heads and guards are which and how to use them. Can't even find anything half-decent to help on You Tube.

Great all rounder

Submitted by Brooks on 5 January 2017
5 out of 5

Excellent product! Cuts very well. Reaches the awkward spots and cuts level without pulling hairs. All the accessories work well. Well built and lightweight.


Submitted by Przemek on 21 August 2016
5 out of 5

Nice lightweight cutter.

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