Remington R530 R5 Diamond Series Men's Electric Shaver

a Remington Men's Electric Shaver

Men's Electric Shaver

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Remington has a reputation for being a true innovator in hair care, shaving and grooming. Building on a rich heritage stretching back to 1937, their market-leading portfolio of hi-spec products has helped them become one of the best-known and most respected electrical brands in the UK.

Remington has linked up with BMW Group DesignworksUSA – industrial design studios in Los Angeles, Singapore and Munich. The team of design experts has turned the everyday electric shaver into a true object of desire! BMW GROUP

Drawing on the three main elements, the Remington Series shavers combine design & style and technical edge with comfort, closeness and convenience to produce a truly revolutionary range. 

Driven by Design

BMW DesignworksUSA has given the new shaver line distinctive, futuristic styling introducing unique colour tones and innovative materials to the category. The new Remington Series stands for precision performance and bold innovative features. Utilizing precision points, angles and asymmetry, the bold, geometrical design demonstrates the shaver's quality the modern technology utilised in giving you the best clean shave. 

Verena C. Kloos, President at BMW Group DesignworksUSA says "Our expertise in premium design and our capabilities in translating brand values into a unique design language has generated a distinct new look and feel for the Remington brand. The result is bold, innovative and edgy with an emphasis on a higher level of quality".

Diamonds Are Now a Guy’s Best Friend! 

In addition to a brave new design, the Remington Series also sports a new premium material: Diamond Like Carbon. This specialised coating on the blades significantly enhances the quality of the shave. Diamond is the hardest material known to man and is often used for cutting into impenetrable substances like rock. 

When applied to the cutter blades of the rotary shavers Diamond Like Carbon Coated Blades are 400% harder than Remington steel blades giving a long lasting, excellent cutting performance. 

Comfort, Closeness & Convenience

It has independent floating heads and 21 cutter blades which are able to cut short stubble allowing twice a day shaving if required. 

This shaver is washable for a more hygienic, cleaner shave. Simply flip open the heads and rinse under a tap. For your convenience, the model also comes with a practical and stylish wash bag. 

High product quality is central to the R350 R5 Diamond Series. It takes just one hour to fully charge the shaver, and a 5 minute charge will be enough for one full shave. The quick charging is clearly indicated with a charging light, and works on universal voltage, making it perfect for travelling. The cutting edge, ergonomic design of the shaver is enhanced by tactile touch points, buttons and innovative surfaces and textures. For extra added peace of mind, the model comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.


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