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Panasonic ES-LV97 Wet & Dry 5-Blade Men's Electric Shaver

a Panasonic Men's Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES-LV97 Wet & Dry 5-Blade Men's Electric Shaver Over 50% Off!

Men's Electric Shaver

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4.8 out of 5
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Submitted by Jim on 20 February 2021
4 out of 5

I've had many shavers - this is by far the best.

Very happy with my transition from wet shaving to using this shaver.

Submitted by Steve on 18 February 2021
5 out of 5

CONCLUSION – This shaver does a great job and is so convenient. Not quite as close as a wet shave, but not far off, and unless you are going to be the romantic lead in a movie shot in UHD it’s certainly close enough. REVIEW - I deliberately delayed a month before reviewing this shaver because the common view is it takes your face around 30 days to become accustomed to dry shaving. I received the shaver for my 65th birthday, having always wet shaved previously, so I had no idea what to expect. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin and I have always moisturised after shaving, so my skin is in pretty good nick, albeit somewhat saggier than when I started shaving half a century ago! Having read a lot about electric shavers, it seemed to me that the three leading models are the Philips 9000 Prestige, the Braun Series 9 and the Panasonic ES-LV97. The first is a rotary shaver, and so the most comfortable, but you sacrifice closeness; the Braun is foil and shaves closer and quite comfortably, and the Panasonic shaves closest, at the expense of some comfort, which was why I opted for that. The first time I used it I used my usual shaving gel, as recommended when you first start dry shaving. It was extremely comfortable, and I was very satisfied with the result. However, convenience was my primary motivation in switching to electric, so I didn’t use gel again after the first day. I didn’t find dry shaving with this shaver uncomfortable. Some days I tried using it in the shower, which was fine, but the result was no better or worse than completely dry-shaving. After two weeks, shaving daily, I decided to try a pre-shave cologne. As it was experimental, and not everyone finds them beneficial, I bought a cheap one. I was very impressed with the results. The shave is, if anything, even more comfortable and the results around the bottom of my neck, which proved to be the most troublesome area, improved markedly. I also tried missing the odd day and found the shaver equally as good if not better at shaving two days’ growth. I use a face scrub/exfoliate twice a week to make moisturising as effective as it was when wet shaving. After a month I can say I’m very happy with the shaver, very satisfied with the results, and my skin looks and feels better than ever, especially on my neck, as all the scar tissue caused by wet shaving has gone. CLEANING – I bought the version of the shaver with the cleaner bath because I want to optimise performance and increase the longevity of the blades. When I was dry shaving I would remove the top of the shaver every other day, and rinse the blades and both sides of the foil, then use the cleaner bath just to dry the shaver before oiling it. There was no deterioration in performance. Once I started using pre-shave I use the cleaner bath every time, and it gives peace of mind that the shaver is being well-maintained.

Amazing Razor... It doesn't disappoint!

Submitted by Woodz on 18 February 2021
4.5 out of 5

I have always admired the Panasonic top end shavers but never bought one. Ever since I started shaving, I have always believed that I was a Phillishave man. My father is and so was his father. Apparently, we have extra special tough growth that only a Phillips rotary can cut through! I have tried Brauns in the past, which I never got on with, probably because it was the cheaper end of the scale. Which is why I stuck to rotary for so long. After researching again, I couldn’t resist anymore and decided to take the plunge and purchase one. I do appreciate this is based on my own growth, but wow! I have never known an electric razor to cut so close! The razor looks unnecessarily big which is its attraction. However, once you get going it’s very easy and comfortable to use and even more so if you use it wet. It is noisy, as is the cleaning station (No more late-night shaves now!), this adds to its charm and I love that it’s a little bit old school. I like the lemon scent that it uses when it is being cleaned. There are a couple of niggles though: It does feel like it takes ages to shave and neck hairs are still difficult to shave, the lock mode does help with this. For me it’s the best electric shaver I own and having a trimmer on the unit is great. The only way I could get a closer shave is to have a triple pass wet shave with a safety razor.

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