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Remington F6000 F6 Style Aqua Men's Electric Shaver

a Remington Men's Electric Shaver

Remington F6000 F6 Style Aqua Men's Electric Shaver Over 50% Off!

Men's Electric Shaver

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Back to wet shaves for me

Submitted by Petersfieldpete on 18 September 2023
0.5 out of 5

After over 40 years of wet shaving, I decided to try electric shaving, for quickness and convenience. My first shave with this was less than ok, I could still feel my bristles but I do realise it won’t be as close a shave as you’ve got the foil between the blades and skin, after a few days I missed a day and the next day I was getting nowhere fast(yes I did remove the stubble attachment) after nearly 10 minutes, I gave up and used my pit all head shaver that done the job. I also fell for the marketing ploy where it was reduced from £120 to £55, it’s probably £55 for fifty weeks a year. I’ve wasted £55 but then again, at least I didn’t pay £120, so you could say I’m £65 better off!

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