Panasonic ES-LV6Q 5 Blade Wet & Dry Men's Electric Shaver

a Panasonic Men's Electric Shaver from the Panasonic Linear 5 Blade range

Panasonic's new top of the range ES-LV6Q builds on earlier models and has its most advanced, flexible shaving head to date, new design, more comfort and more flexibility for fewer strokes. This model is sold without the clean and charge system of the ES-LV9Q for maximum shave value for the money.

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Maximise Performance

A drop of shaver oil across the top of the integral trimmers and foils once a week will ensure the shaver maintains maximum performance.

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Shaver Type Foil
Number of Foil Heads 4
Integral Trimmer Yes
Pivoting Shaving Head Multiple Axis
Floating Cutting Elements Yes
Long Hair Trimmer Pop-out
Wet & Dry Yes
Power Characteristics
Power Source Rechargeable Only
Plug Type UK 2-Pin
Input Voltage 100 V - 240 V
Battery Internal
Battery Technology Lithium Ion
Charging Time 1 Hour
Quick Charge 5 Minutes
Running Time 45 Minutes
Travel Lock Yes
Motor Technology Linear
Motor Speed 14000 RPM
Motor Personalisation Yes
Personalisation Mode Types Automatic based on beard density
Display Technology LED
Low Charge Indicator Yes
Charge Level Indicator Numerical
Cleaning Indicator Yes
Maintenance Indicator Foil & Cutter Replacement Reminder
Tap Washable Yes
Self Cleaning No

Key features

  • ES-LV6Q is the World's Fastest Shaver, based on 70,000 cross-cutting action per minute.
  • 14,000 CPM linear motor provides a smooth clean shave every time, with no power loses or missed whiskers, even when shaving heavy beards
  • Newly developed suspension mechanism improves head movement to 5D
  • Flexible head movement enables closer following of facial contours and closer contact with less irritation for a smoother shaver
  • Three distinct foil patterns work in combination to capture and cut even the most difficult parts of your beard
  • Acute 30 degree cutting edge of the inner blades enables an incredibly close shave
  • The shaving head unit is driven by a high-speed motor, the blades cut smoothly through the toughest beards
  • Shaving sensor technology recognises differences in the density of your beard as you shave. Boosting power where your beard growth is heavy, and reducing power where it is thin. This reduces the burden on your skin minimising skin irritation, while providing optimal shaving results.
  • Wet & dry shaving - use dry or wet with foam or gel for a pampering, silky-smooth shave
  • Waterproof design, Fully washable
  • Multi-fit arc blades - Round-shaped outer foils fit uniformly against the skin even under the chin for a close shave over the entire surface
  • Pop up trimmer blade allows for quick pre-shave cutting and detailed grooming
  • 1 hour charge for up to 45 minutes usage
  • Multi-LED indicator - 10 Stage LED
  • Advancing the Japanese art of making exceptionally sharp and robust swords, Panasonic has applied state of the art technology to develop blades of outstanding quality. Japanese craftsmanship techniques used only for Panasonic shaver blades.
  • Weight - Approx 205g
  • Smooth Slider - The Smooth Slider's roller helps the shaver head rotate and slide sideways to glide over skin and reduce friction.


Introducing the ES-LV6Q, a next-generation shaver for the distinguished gentleman, who loves having a smooth, clean shave every day. With a Multi-flex 5D head, 5 blade technology and a 14,000 CPM Linear Motor Drive, the ES-LV6Q provides supreme closeness and unbeatable results.

Panasonic ES-LV6Q 5 Blade Wet & Dry Men's Electric Shaver Reviews

Looks stylish but very poor cut

Submitted by JohnM on 1 August 2019
0.5 out of 5

Simply nowhere near as good as a decent blade shave - in fact, it's even out-performed by my 15year-old basic Phillips shaver. I find the head cumbersome and over-heavy, feels very poor value for all its claimed qualities and I wish I'd opted fora more basic model.

Poor Battery Life

Submitted by Stuart on 17 April 2019
4 out of 5

One month ago, I decided to change my allegiance from rotary to foil shavers and took delivery of a new Panasonic ES-EV6Q. Four weeks on, I’m continuously being impressed with the closeness of the shave I can achieve, although I am suffering a little from razor burns. Adjusting my pre-shave routine has minimised the redness, and hopefully fine-tuning my routine even further will eliminate this issue altogether. However, I have found the battery life disappointing. Panasonic quotes 45 minutes of battery life on one charge. Five-minutes of daily usage should result in eight to nine days of battery life. I cannot get beyond five days before a recharge is required. Even my 5-year-old rotary still gives me 14 days usage. This is a shame because I like the Panasonic. It is an elegant looking razor, sits comfortably in my hand and is well balanced in use, but the poor battery life stops me from giving it five stars.

Great service, again.

Submitted by Jamie. on 9 April 2019
5 out of 5

Speedy free dispatch and arrived quickly. High quality product at a good price. Cheaper than Amazon. I have only used the shaver once and am impressed with the quality of shave. I was expecting the shaver to be much heavier than it is, it has a good balance in the hand and enjoyable to use. Very satisfied and look forward to a few years happy service from it.

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