Braun 81462896 CruZer5 Head Hair Clipper

a Braun Hair Clipper from the Braun cruZer range

Hair Clipper

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Key features

  • Braun's ultimate hair clipper -power & convenience without a drawer full of accessories
  • Powerful dual battery system cuts tough hair and provides up to 40 minutes of cordless clipping
  • StyleLock memory hair comb with 8 settings for perfect style in all lengths (3mm - 24mm)
  • Ultra-sharp stainless steel trimming element for defined hair styles
  • Fully Washable
  • Automatic worldwide voltage 110-240V, with LED charging indicator


The Braun cruZer5 Hair Clipper is the efficient tool to clip different hair styles. Its ultra sharp, secured blades deliver performance without compromising comfort. The cruZer5 Hair clipper features a convenient washable design, engineered with a sealed inner body for easy cleaning under running water. Its special Memory StyleLock system remembers the settings from the clipper’s last use and keeps the selected length firmly in place to ensure a consistent, predictable cut with every use.

Product Features

Powerful, dual-battery system

The hair clipper is equipped with a powerful dual-battery system that makes it easy to trim even tough, thick hair. By keeping constant clipping power even in tough conditions, the cruZer5 Hair clipper ensures even performance without the risk of irregularities.

Fully washable for easy cleaning

The cruZer5 Hair clipper comes with a completely sealed body, which prevents dust or water from entering the clipper. This allows for easy cleaning under running water.

40 minutes of cordless trimming

Engineered for ultimate convenience without comprised performance, the rechargeable battery fitted to the cruZer5 offers up to 40 minutes of cordless trimming.

Style contours and create edges

Without the comb on, you can use the cruZer5 Hair clipper’s ultra sharp, stainless-steel trimming element to realize a close, clean look. Give your haircut a clear outline and add finishing touches to your style.

Additional Features

  • Up to 40 minutes of cordless hair clipping
  • Automatic worldwide voltage 110-240V
  • LED charging indicator



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