Braun Men's Electric Shavers

from Braun

Braun are the leading manufacturer of foil based electric shavers. A prominent German manufacturer, they are well known for quality and performance, with strong emphasis on visual design and innovation. Braun are committed to delivering the best electric shaving experience and have developed a range of shavers under the "Series" naming scheme.

Starting with the Series 1, providing an economical shaving option, yet not at the expense of quality or reliability. The Series 1 shavers are as well put together as any Braun, but rely on entry level shaving technology. Moving up the ranges you find Series 3 and Series 5, right up to the Series 7 and Series 9, the top of the range and featuring the full Braun electric shaver expertise from many years of experience. The Series 9 gives Braun's most comfortable, closest shave to date, even on more than one day's beard growth thanks to its combination of specialist blade elements.