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Panasonic ES-RT81 Men's Electric Shaver

a Panasonic Men's Electric Shaver

Men's Electric Shaver

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Key features

  • Triple blade performance shaver
  • Sharpest 30 degree edge blades for a clean cut
  • Fast 10,000rpm motor
  • Flexible pivoting head ensures optimum skin contact
  • Can be used dry or with water, foam or gel
  • 1 hour charging time - 45 minutes use
  • 100-240V for worldwide use
  • Pop up Trimmer
  • LCD Display
  • Automatic clean & charge system


Men's Electric Shaver manufactured by Panasonic


Panasonic ES-RT81 Men's Electric Shaver Reviews

Great close shave

Submitted by Simon Lane on 17 September 2011
5 out of 5

This shaver was everything previous reviews gave. I finally have an electric shaver that can produce a close shave, no fuss and in a fraction of the time my previous shaver could provide.

The auto clean seems to work well with me and I love the fact I can wet shave with this model. The service from excellent with super-fast standard delivery.

A very satisfied customer indeed!

Amazing product

Submitted by Simon L on 19 August 2011
5 out of 5

Having never had a great deal of success with electric shaving, I'd been wet shaving with a razor until 2007.

After years of tearing my skin I acquired a mid priced rotary electric shaver from my father. This has provided a mediocre cut leaving half the hair behind after 10-15 mins.

Reading the reviews for the Panasonic ES-RT81 I took the plunge. The shaver arrived very quickly and on trying my first wet shave with an electric shaver, I am speechless. It took me less than a minute to produce the closest smoothest shave I've ever experienced. This shaver is nothing short of outstanding, along with the service I received from

The build quality is excellent and if it continues to perform the way it does now, I will consider it well worth the investment.

Shockingly Brilliant !

Submitted by John G on 28 December 2010
5 out of 5

Had a remington, a philips and both felt like I hadn't really had a shave after using so had all but given up on electric shavers.

Read the reviews on the panasonic and gave electrics one last chance and its fantastic. Use it wet with a little foam and its as good as a wet razor, but far quicker and cheaper. I'm amazed and fully sold.

To me shaving is a chore so I always want to get it over with quickly and having a course stuble thought I was resigned to wet razor shaves for good.

Its as good as all the reviews say... You wont be disappointed.

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