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Philips HS8060/24 Coolskin Men's Electric Shaver

a Philips Men's Electric Shaver

Men's Electric Shaver

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Key features

  • <strong>Outer cardboard packaging slightly scuffed</strong>
  • Nivea for Men conditioner dispensing system
  • Integrated cartridge refill system
  • Flex tracker system
  • Glide rings
  • Washabe
  • Automatic conditioner application during shaving
  • Wet use - shaving in the shower saves time!
  • <strong>1.5 hours charging time for 40 minutes shaving time</strong>
  • Quick charge function
  • Automatic 100-240V worldwide voltage
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • <strong>LED battery status indicators</strong>
  • <strong>Refill and charge stand - automatically refills shaver with conditioner from the refill can directly into the shaver</strong>


By Luke Gisby<br/><br/>Coolskin...its a great name for a shaver and is quite an accurate description!<br/><br/>It leaves the skin feeling 'cool', 'refreshed' and 'smooth'. It is a great system in the way the Nivea cream is released onto the skin as you shave. This latest version of the Coolskin shaver is a vast improvement. The new style Philishave head unit design lends itself perfectly to the Coolskin Shaver. I used to have one of original Coolskin shavers and although it was good I found distribution of the cream wasn't great and cleaning the head unit was always tricky. The heads clogged up very easily with the combination of the cream and hair. However with this new shaving head system these problems are eliminated. The cream is channeled through the centre of the cutting heads for even distribution while shaving and the head unit is very 'open' in terms of water can flow though the heads very well when cleaning. What I do is un-clip the head unit from the body of the shaver and rinse the head unit under the shower head unit. This flushes away any build up of the cream.<br/><br/>In terms of the actual shave it is very good and again an improvement on the older Coolskins. The design of the head and body unit make the shaver very easy to use and very comfortable. The shaver is very light to use against the skin. The new head unit glides across the skin and adjusts to the contours of the face with great responsiveness. It really feels like the heads almost 'hug' the skin it gets that close. When this is linked to the moisturising cream it means the shaving interface is slightly lubricated and means the heads can skate across the skin, shaving close without any irritation.<br/><br/>If you have used Coolskin previously and are a little wary of the new look Coolskin then don't be. This new range is an evolution of the Coolskin shaver and one which builds on the basic advantages of the Coolskin to form a far superior shaver.


Philips HS8060/24 Coolskin Men's Electric Shaver Reviews

Not Good

Submitted by oliver on 9 September 2010
1 out of 5

The head kept jamming and it gave me a very rough shave

Average Shave

Submitted by Bruno on 9 September 2010
2 out of 5

I didn't like it. It clogged up lots.


Submitted by craig on 8 September 2010
4 out of 5

It's neato

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