Philips SH90/50 9000 Series 3 x Rotary Cutting Head

a Philips Cutting Head

Cutting Head

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Key features

  • V-Track Precision Blades - The patented V-Track Precision Blades gently position each hair in the best cutting angle, even hairs that are flat or different lengths. This allows you to cut 30% closer in less strokes leaving your skin in great condition
  • Super Lift & Cut Action - Dual blade system built int the Philips electric shaver lifts hair to cut comfortably below skin level for a closer shave


Change heads every 2 years for best results<br><br>Within two years your shaver heads cut 9 million hairs on your face. Replace the shaver heads and get back to 100% performance


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Philips SH90/50 9000 Series 3 x Rotary Cutting Head Reviews

Excellent service, excellent product

Submitted by Mike B on 26 June 2017
5 out of 5

My order for a new shaver head arrived the following day and am now enjoying a much improved shave! I hadn't realised how blunt the previous shaver head had become until replacing, am very pleased.

Excellent Service

Submitted by Jbc on 8 May 2017
5 out of 5

Looks like the genuine article as I was hoping for. What a difference they have made should have replaced them some time ago. Will check how long they last hoping for two years but can't remember when I purchased the original Philips razor.


Submitted by Wetrix on 13 April 2017
2.5 out of 5

Quick delivery but I hope they last as long as the last ones , they're suppose to last at least 2yrs the last ones lasted about 3 months ggrrr