Philips OneBlade

from Philips

OneBlade to rule them all!

One style doesn't suit all, but OneBlade suits all styles. Why let your shaving tool limit your choices? Philips OneBlade is an innovative new take on how an electric shaver should work and what it should do. Traditional shavers tended to focus on providing just a close, smooth shave, which limited its owner to a single, simple style. A clean shave is a smooth, strong look, but it's not for everyone or perhaps not for every day.

OneBlade is a radical new approach, designed from the ground up with the idea of being able to offer a clean shave to a tidy beard - and everything in-between. It can go close, trim to a length and detail around the edges, all from a single device. Easily maintain the perfect weekend stubble or go close for a business-class smooth shave during the week.

Now in two versions, the Face and Face & Body editions come with different attachments depending on your needs. The Face & Body includes additional attachments that make the OneBlade a versatile and easy to use body groomer. If you want something for trimming your underarms or below the belt, the attachments included with the Body edition are perfect to make this a no fuss, quick addition to your weekly grooming routine.