Cartridge Razors

Take a moment in the morning to relax for 5 minutes and enjoy a quality wet shave, the results are great and you have a moment's peace to get your head organised for the busy day ahead. have chosen from the best razors and shaving sets, including carefully crafted matching kits featuring a razor, stand and brush. Quality equipment is the perfect upgrade to your morning shave. Many of our razor handles are compatible with Gillette Mach3 or Fusion and Fusion ProGlide blades. Don't forget we also have great shaving creams and gels within our prep and finish area.

So you want the convenience of an electric shaver but the finish of a wet shave? Then a cartridge razor is the one for you. Fast, comfortable and easy to fit in a toiletry bag, cartridge razors are great for shaving on the go - especially if you’re a traveller as they are allowed in your hand luggage on flights.