Razor MD igrprazbk iGRIP Black 5 Blade Razor

a Razor MD Razor


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Blade Compatibility Fusion & Fusion ProGlide
Handle Finish Metel

Key features

  • Hand-made with laser engraved grip
  • Smooth and comfortable shave
  • Includes one Gillette Fusion blade
  • Compatible with the Gillette Fusion ProGlide blade


Maximise control and comfort with this Razor MD iGRIP Razor 5 blade in black. Consisting of 5 blades for an ultra smooth finish, the chrome razor handle features a laser engraved grip to ensure that your shaving experience is nothing but what you deserve, promising a clean shave everytime.

Compatible and comes with one Gillette® Fusion™ blade -  also compatible with Gillette® Fusion™ ProGlide™ blade.

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