Philips HS970/33 Rechargeable/Mains Green High-Energy 970 Men's Electric Shaver

a Philips Men's Electric Shaver

Philips HS970/33 Rechargeable/Mains Green High-Energy 970 Men's Electric Shaver

Men's Electric Shaver

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Key features

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product category           : 3001    rechargeables 3 heads
product name               : philishave tripleheader
power supply               : rechargeable/mains
voltage                    : 100-240 v dc/ac, 12-24 v ac (charging),
                             50-60 hz
power consumption          : 7w
principal product function : shaving and trimming
principal consumer benefits:
1. very close, fast and comfortable shave/ergonomic design for easy
   handling/ latest "microgroove" shaving technology/ individual
   floating shaving heads 
2. lcd display with battery capacity level indication
3. integrated trimmer: excellent visibility when trimming
4. continious battery capacity indication (lcd)
5. cordless use, with shaving from the mains possible as well
6. worldwide use: automatic voltage adjustment 12-240 v /all climate
7. silent power: very low noise, vibration free
8. packaging for home and travel use

cord type and length        : coiled, detachable, 180 cm
colour of housing/printing  : blue metallic, lacquered
material of housing         : thermoplastic (abs)
repairstatus                : repair
product dimensions (lxbxh)  :
product/in packaging weight : cordless in use 240 gr/ in sales carton
                              575 gr
salescarton dimensions      : 140x76x182 mm
number of products in a-box : 6
a-box dimensions (lxwxh)    : 289x236x196 mm
a-box weight                : 3820 gr
number of products on pallet: 480
pallet description          :
ctv/ean: 884797001000/8710103029441

shaving heads: 3 double action / lift&cut type hp 1915r "microgroove"
motor/speed  : 2.4 v permanent magnetic dc motor>>cutter speed 2000
adjustability: selection of 9 skin comfort/closeness setting
charging time: 60 min. fast charge, overcharge protection build in
               (allowes longer charging), nimh "green" batteries
shaving time : 1 - 3 weeks cordless shaving per charge depending
               on beard / trimmer use / cleaning
lcd-display  : continuous display of battery capacity level in
recharge ind.: blinking recharge signal on lcd + red led + buzzer
quick charge : red led info during charging indicates 3 min. quick
               charge for one cordless shave
packaging    : storage cassette with separate cord box
travel-lock  : on/off switch with build-in lock prevents accidental
bracket      : full metal shaving bracket with individual floating

                 question               |             answer
1. shaves not close/fast                | clean heads/slots + cutter
   performance reduced                  | blades, replace heads+cutters
                                        | when damaged, stretch skin,
                                        | move faster over face
2. shaving causes skin irritation       | allow skin 2-4 weeks to
                                        | adapt if sensitive skin, do
                                        | not press, use adjustability,
                                        | try pre-shave lotion
3. reduced or less than 2 weeks shaving | depends on beard, shaving +
   per charge                           | trim time, clean heads/cutter
                                        | blades + drop oil, continue
                                        | shaving after recharge sign
4. shaver stops before recharge signal  | try charging for 8 hrs.(1 x 6
                                        | mont.), replace batteries
                                        | /store shaver cool >> shorter
                                        | life in hot climate

Product Features

  • Very close, fast and comfortable shave
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling/ latest "microgroove" shaving technology/ individual floating shaving heads 
  • LCD display with battery capacity level indication
  • Integrated trimmer: excellent visibility when trimming sideburns/moustache 
  • Continious battery capacity indication (lcd)
  • Cordless use, with shaving from the mains possible as well
  • Worldwide use: automatic voltage adjustment 12-240 v /all climate proof 
  • Silent power: very low noise, vibration free
  • Packaging for home and travel use










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