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Philips HC5450/83 Series 5000 Mains/Rechargeable Hair Clipper

a Philips Hair Clipper

Philips HC5450/83 Series 5000 Mains/Rechargeable Hair Clipper

Hair Clipper

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2.5 out of 5
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Beware of the "warranty"

Submitted by DubiousWarranty on 4 January 2016
2.5 out of 5

5450 Clipper worked Ok for 18 months, but then the plastic variable-length clipping-comb failed (in an unnecessarily mechanically weak area). Philips refused to replace the clipping-comb under warranty on the grounds that it was an "accessory", despite the break rendering the variable-length function unusable. The replacement part is £7 (including p&p), so factor this into the initial purchase price. The clipping performance is fair (4/5), but not great on fine hair, and my old Wahl clippers with an angled fixed-length comb did a better job around ears.

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