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Panasonic ES7109 Pro-Curve Men's Electric Shaver

a Panasonic Men's Electric Shaver

Men's Electric Shaver

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Key features

  • Floating triple blade shaver with cleaning system
  • 30 degree blade angle for an extra sharp cut
  • <strong>Fast 10,000 rpm motor</strong>
  • <strong>Automatic cleaning and charging system</strong>
  • Flexible pivoting head for optimum skin contact
  • <strong>Can be used dry or with water, foam or gel</strong>
  • <strong>1 hour charging time - 45 minutes use</strong>
  • 100-240V for worldwide use
  • Stainless steel blades and foil
  • <strong>LCD charge level indicator</strong>


Men's Electric Shaver manufactured by Panasonic


Panasonic ES7109 Pro-Curve Men's Electric Shaver Reviews

Worst Product I Ever Had

Submitted by Manuel P. Alvarez on 31 May 2011
1 out of 5

I read the other review and I agree, this product is a disgrace, I give a 3 just to put a number, but really deserves a big 0, I was thinking about send mine back, but instead just dumped in the garbage.

Thanks for nothing

what a charger !!!

Submitted by BJ on 27 November 2010
2 out of 5

The instruction booklet states that a charge will last for 42 mins. In fact it lasts only half this time. When the LCD panel shows 60% the shaver cuts out and indicates 0%.

I have had 3 shavers so far and the 3rd is on its way back to be exchanged. I phoned Panasonic each time only to be told it is nothing to do with us, get in touch with the seller!

Pros and cons

Submitted by William Alan on 10 June 2010
4 out of 5

I agree with George S about the closeness of the shave. It *can* give you a close shave but only after many passes over the same patch.

I also agree about the elaborate cleaning dock. Mine went straight into a cupboard and hasn't been out since. Brush and tap seem to work perfectly well.

It is a disadvantage that you can't use the shaver while it is plugged in: you have to remember to recharge in good time.

On the plus side, I like the charge guide that always tells you how full the battery is, and I like its quiet buzz. My previous shaver sounded like a lorry going uphill.

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