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Panasonic ES-LV9Q 5 Blade Wet & Dry Men's Electric Shaver

a Panasonic Men's Electric Shaver from the Panasonic Linear 5 Blade range

Panasonic ES-LV9Q 5 Blade Wet & Dry Men's Electric Shaver Over 33% Off!

Possibly the ultimate electric shaver experience right now. Panasonic's new top of the range ES-LV9Q builds on earlier models and has its most advanced, flexible shaving head to date, new design, more comfort and more flexibility for fewer strokes. Includes a clean and charge system for low-maintenance, daily peak performance.

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4.8 out of 5
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Fast and close shave

Submitted by Foilconvert on 12 August 2019
5 out of 5

A fast, close shave that leaves rotary shavers in it's wake.

Brains over Braun, Panasonic’s just the tonic!

Submitted by Mike Coe on 6 August 2019
4.5 out of 5

No disrespect to Braun - for many they are THE name, when it comes to electric razors - but they have been massively outgunned by Panasonic. I have tried a great deal of shavers from a variety of manufacturers over the years, but this one tops the lot, no question. Innovative, super close, skin-caressingly comfortable and stylish; you can hardly fail to be delighted with this baby. Thanks to the LV9Q, shaving is a chore no more; it’s pure pleasure. One last word of thanks - last but by no means least - to Shavers themselves. Always with the speedy service, cheerful helpfulness and great, great value. Thank you very much indeed, as ever.


Submitted by Cleanshaver on 18 July 2019
5 out of 5

The cost of the Braun and Panasonic solutions for the cleaning stations is prohibitive but it you go online you can buy the stuff by the litre at substantial savings. I am using Ja Top from Germany at present but there is also Proline. You can buy 1 litre of this solution for £13.95. Also a tip - wash your electric razor first under the tap and get rid of the bristles before putting it on the cleaning station. You will then have a sweet-smelling lemony product without fouling the cleaning liquid. Just top up if it goes below the threshold. I always rinse plates etc before putting them in the dishwasher this to me is commonsense. Do the same with your electric razor and you will reap the rewards. Happy shaving!

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