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Product Spotlight: The Bearded Man Co. Beard Oil

Written by Advice Team on July 17, 2018

Stay groomed and handsome with The Bearded Man Co. Beard Oil. They’re a small, family run business in Kent, England and they’re passionate about creating beard products that are simple, with no toxins, plenty of ethics, and fabulous ingredients. They make luxury beard care products and are one of Shavers’ customer's favourites and here’s why...

Product Spotlight
The Bearded Man Co. Beard Oil

Bearded Man Co is brand that focuses on crafted products with clean, no-fuss natural ingredients. Every product created is free of those questionable chemicals often used in the beauty industry.

Their product range contains “no nasties, plenty of ethics, and fabulous ingredients.”

Creating and developing their artisan beauty products from a small town in Kent England. They love to create beard conditioners that are easy to apply boasting of their awesome results.

So let’s delve a little deeper into their products and why our customers champion them here at Shavers…

Essential Natural Beard Oils

First things first, what is a beard oil exactly? That tiny (and in many respects expensive) little bottle of smooth, silky oil is a beard owners dream. Beard oil is designed to be used daily by bearded fellows, its benefits are plentiful and its ingredients are natural.

Bearded Man Co - Product features:

- Clean, no-fuss ingredients
- Non greasy natural and essential oils
- Free of questionable chemicals
- Softening power of nut and wheat oils
- Smoothing and nourishing
- Reduces beard itch
- Resulting in tangle free growth

The Product Benefits

Using a beard oil daily will result in a more manageable and frizz free beard. From day one, your beard will appear less course and abrasive. Making it more manageable and easy to maintain, whilst ditching those stray hairs and resulting in a softer finish, that the love in your life will surely appreciate.

A healthy looking beard makes you look like a hero - you’ll be shimmering from ear to ear and because The Bearded Man Co products are all natural, it won’t just make your beard feel healthy, it will look healthy too. It’s a soft and smooth shine that results in a fuller and thicker beard.

Let's talk about that annoying itch, too. If you’re growing a fuller beard, then skin irritation and the dreaded beardruff can cause insecurities. You should have a beard to be proud of and The Bearded Man Co oils condition beards to the max and it not only softens the hair, but it treats your skin too. When growing a beard, the hair naturally soaks in moisture from the skin and that’s when it becomes dry and flaky. By using beard oil, it keeps the skin beneath moisturised but nourishes the hair of your beard.

When applying a product so close to your nose it has to smell great too. The Bearded Man Co Oils come in a range of masculine scents including Earthy Cedarwood, A Walk in the Woods and Bay Rum. So not only will you benefit from a stylish healthy looking beard, you’ll smell great too! range

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