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Shaving at the Sink vs in the Shower

Written by Advice Team on March 14, 2018

Shaving at the sink or in the shower is a big debate and everyone has a preference for their personal routine. Most men will have learnt to shave over the sink with a cartridge or straight razor in hand, a fully lathered face and at least twenty-minutes set aside for their shave. You might be asking yourself, why change what isn’t broken? … but there are some advantages to shaving in the shower and we’ve put together some pros and cons for both.


The sink shave

Shaving at the sink has become a wet shave ritual for many men. Some will use the shower as a prelude or just get straight into their routine in front of the mirror. The sink shave can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes on average, whilst some take longer dependent on their routine and use of product. We found that Shavers customers either saw shaving at the sink as a necessary evil or a relaxing ritual, there wasn’t much in-between.

For those that are dry shaving, the sink shave is an easy option to stand in front of the mirror and rinse off the head of the electric shaver after (if you don’t own a cleaning system).

The pros

  • Achieves the closest shave using a cartridge or straight razor
  • Easy to rinse tools between uses
  • No need to adjust routine
  • Convenient


The cons

  • Can be time consuming especially when shaving daily
  • The cleaning routine can become a hassle
  • More prone to razor burn and skin irritation


The shower shave

For those fortunate enough to have a non-steam mirror in their shower, it allows them the option to shave at the same time. A lot of men choose to shower pre shave because the steamy, warm water softens the skin and helps raise hair and makes for a more comfortable shave.

Shaving in the shower is particularly good for men who suffer from razor burn and irritation. It keeps the skin supple and wet, and helps to prevent nicks and cuts as the blade glides against the hair. However, the logistics can be difficult depending on your chosen tool. Electric shavers that can be used under wet conditions are best for the shower, as using cartridge razors or straight razors can be difficult due to the other tools required such as lather bowl, pre-shave soap, brush, etc.

The pros

  • Saves time on the grooming routine
  • Lather is easily washed away
  • Skin is made supple from the steam, so the blade glides easier
  • Helps to prevent razor burn and skin irritation


The cons

  • Too much water can cause the razor to jump or skim
  • Sometimes not enough lather can be created because water washes it away
  • Not everyone has a non-steam mirrors in the shower
  • Logistics (bowl, razor, pre-shave soap, etc)
  • Can’t always achieve a close enough shave


Choosing between the sink or shower for your shaving routine will largely be down to preference and the availability of a decent mirror. We do, however, recommend warm shower before shaving at the sink as it’ll help to soften the skin and hair before shaving. Using a pre-shave product to lift the hair from the skin will also dramatically improve your shave. We’d recommend King of Shaves advanced oil or Blue Beard’s Revenge shaving cream specifically formulated to help prevent razor burn, as well as our entire range of pre-shave products.

If you’re unsure about the tool you’re using for the job, why not have a read of our article cartridge razors vs electric shavers, as it might be time to try something new.