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Be the Master of your Moustache

Written by Advice Team on October 27, 2015

Like beards, the ‘tache is a grooming trend that comes and goes but the classic moustache is the British gents current must-have. To pull it off you need a regular grooming routine, so with the moustache rising in popularity and Movember just around the corner, we’ve revealed our tips on how to grow your mo’ and keep it looking at it’s best.

Start with a Beard The initial stages of growing a moustache can look a bit awkward. Therefore when attempting to grow out a moustache (especially for the first time), it’s easiest to start with a full beard. Not only does this look better during the initial growing in phase which can be very sporadic, uneven and patchy, it gives you far more opportunity when it comes to style choices as you’ve got more hair to work with. For an easier transition from a full beard to a moustache, shape your mo’ with a beard trimmer and shave the rest of your beard down to a number two or three so your ‘tache is surrounded by stubble. This is a nice half way house and is good starting point if you’re experimenting with a moustache for the first time.

Keep it Clean Just like your head hair and beard, your moustache needs regular cleansing to remove daily grime. This is especially important in the early stages when it’s stubbly and easily captures and holds small particles such as cigarette smoke and breakfast crumbs. Keep your ‘tache clean daily using plain old water and use a specialist beard cleanser twice a week to clean, soften and care for your moustache. Facial hair can be very coarse and a good quality cleanser will help it feel less like razor wire - trust us it will be far more comfortable for you and your significant other will thank you for it.

Condition and Hydrate If you have dry skin, facial hair can exacerbate the problem as hair the tends to draw moisture, resulting in dry, flaky patches under your moustache which is not the look you’re going for. Normal facial moisturiser can do more damage than good in this situation as they aren’t designed for hair. They can ruin the texture of your ‘tache and don’t get down to the surface of your skin anyway. The solution is a good quality dedicated moustache oil. Massage a small amount into your moustache and the skin beneath with your fingers to hydrate and soothe.

Shave and Trim There are plenty of moustache styles to choose from. From understated and elegant to flamboyant and dramatic, your style is most likely going to be dictated by your character and how bold you’re willing to go. Even so, take your face shape into account when choosing a style and pick one to suit, otherwise you are going to look unbalanced. For square or round faces, go for a heavy moustache with the ends extending beyond the corners of the mouth and slightly downward to lengthen your face. If your face is more oval or oblong go for a slightly triangular shape with a medium width so it doesn’t overwhelm your face. Whatever your choice of style, maintaining your mo’ will require the right tools including a fine-toothed comb, a sharp pair of barbers scissors, a beard trimmer, an electric shaver or razor, a magnifying mirror and possibly a three-way mirror.

As a word of warning, always trim when the hair is dry, since it can appear longer when wet. In the early stages the easiest way to trim your moustache is with clippers, or a beard trimmer, but after three to four weeks graduate from these to a good quality pair of barbers scissors. To trim around the mouth use a comb to lift your ‘tache hair (it’ll make cutting it with the scissors much easier) and angle the comb in the same direction as your lips. Make sure you keep your moustache trimmed just above or level with the top lip-line or it will forever been catching in your food and drinks.

As well as keeping it neat, you’ll also want to maintain your moustache’s shape. For shaping and sculpting use the defining tool on your beard trimmer or your electric shaver or razor to work closely around your moustache. Use a transparent gel when shaving around your moustache; it will make it easier to see where to shave and improve accuracy and definition. After you’ve trimmed your moustache move on to the rest of your face. A classic ‘tache looks best on a freshly shaved face so whether you’re using a razor or an electric shaver ensure there’s no trace of stubble.

Comb and Style If you’ve got a serious ‘mo on the grow, a moustache comb will become your new best friend and they take even the unruliest of ’taches from scruffy to sleek in seconds. Moustache combs serve multiple purposes; they detangle, remove debris and dry skin, are a useful aide when trimming, are vital for shaping and styling the hair and can also be used to evenly distribute moustache wax. It’s worth spending a bit of money on a good quality fine-toothed moustache comb as it will halve your maintenance time and keep your moustache looking it’s best. Once combed through, a dab of moustache wax will keep the hairs lying in the right direction, give it some definition, prevent it from looking fluffy and and will ensure your moustache stays neat and styled. When it comes to wax, a little goes a long way so use sparingly. Warm a small amount between your fingers, smooth on and twizzle as required.

The classic moustache is a brave style statement and to be successful needs to be well groomed. Follow these tips and your mo’ will become your number one accessory.