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How to Grow, Trim, Style and Care for Your Moustache

Written by Advice Team on April 16, 2018

In recent years, just like the beard, moustaches have become somewhat of a status symbol amongst men. No longer do we sport stray wisps of hair above our lip (namely when we just don’t feel like shaving) but we’ve become accustomed to the greatness of a well grown, maintained and styled moustache. Whether it’s big, small, long, bushy or thin, we just can’t help but stare and offer a nod of appreciation.

Alongside the movement we’ve come to know as Movember, and a generation of men that are more accustomed to grooming, moustaches have grown as popular as when the great Freddie Mercury first sported his Chevron.

How to grow a moustache

Take care of your skin by ensuring you’re exfoliating weekly, washing your face well and using moisturiser to keep the skin supple. Any dirt or a build-up of oil or excess moisturiser can clog the hair follicles which prevents the hair from growing (as well as causing ingrown hairs).

Stop shaving and allow the hair to grow on your face. Hair doesn’t grow faster if you continually cut it despite popular myth. We’d recommend allowing your hair to grow like stubble and thicken toward a beard before shaving. That way, you’ll have a good amount of growth above your lip and you’ll be able to begin shaping your moustache.

Beard oil is key to helping the hair grow and remain nourished. You might say “...but I’m not growing a beard!” however, beard oil keeps the skin and hair nourished as you grow it. Hair takes moisture from the skin to keep itself hydrated and in turn, forces the skin to dry out. Ever heard of beard itch and beardruff? As the skin dries it causes it to flake away like dandruff. Imagine that just above your upper lip! Keeping the skin and hair hydrated is key, and most beard oils smell great too.

Above all, you need to be patient and allow your hair to grow naturally. Don’t give up just because it’s taking longer than you anticipated. The end result will be worth the wait.

How to trim and style a moustache

When you’ve grown your moustache it’s important to manage the upkeep of it too. Hair can grow quickly and when it’s just above your lip, you’ll notice the overhang of stray hairs in no time.

Using a facial wash with an exfoliant can really help keep the skin clean and void of ingrown hairs. We’d only recommend doing this 1-2 times a week as exfoliants can cause the skin to become dry or irritated if overused. It’s also important to wash your moustache as it will collect dirt and oils daily. It wouldn’t go amiss if you continue to use your beard oil to keep the hair and skin well nourished too.

If you’re shaving the rest of your face continue as you always did with your cartridge razor or electric shaver. Just make sure you’re keeping the skin on your face moisturised, so it doesn’t grow dull or tired looking. If you’re continuing with your beard to double with your moustache, make sure you’re keeping it well maintained with a beard trimmer and continuing to use beard oil to keep the hair and skin hydrated.

When it comes to trimming your moustache there are two options. You can use scissors to snip away any stray hairs or keep the edges of your moustache neat. Scissors are especially good for thinner, smaller moustaches, or if you’re going for something like a Dali, English or Pencil moustache. Alternatively, you could look at an electric shaver that has a precision trimmer. This will help you control the cut and takes less time in front of the mirror.

Styling your moustache involves trimming but depending on your style you might also want to look at moustache wax. If you’re looking for a well maintained and smooth moustache then wax will keep everything orderly. Most come scented with the likes of peppermint or sandalwood too. We’d also recommend considering a moustache comb to keep the hair tidy and well groomed.

How to care for your moustache

As long as you’re following the simple steps to growing, trimming and styling your moustache, you should be well on your way to keeping it looking resplendent. We can’t stress the importance of keeping the hair and skin beneath hydrated though. That’s what will truly keep your moustache looking its best.

Ready to begin growing or styling your moustache? We’ve got a whole range of products just for the upkeep of your moustache and if you’re looking to double up with a beard, check out our beard grooming range too.