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How to Create a Tom Ford Beard

Written by Advice Team on May 18, 2017

Beards have been bang on point for some time, but with summer almost within reach we’re now seeing men turn their backs on the fuller, shaggier beard and a trend developing for an uber-styled, super-slick, closer-cut version.

Here’s how to lose the bush and achieve a cleaner, sleeker, more minimal ‘Tom Ford’ look for the warmer months.

Step 1 - Cut Start by cutting your beard down to a manageable length. The tool you use will depend on the lushness of your facial fur. If you’ve got a full on bushy beard then a sharp pair of barber's scissors is your best bet, whereas if you’ve got a shorter cut or finer hair an electric beard trimmer with the biggest comb and longest guard size will do the job. There’s no need to be ultra particular in the way you go about this – the objective is to remove the bulk of the hair.

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Step 2 - Trim Once you’ve removed the majority of weight from the beard, ditch the scissors, set your beard trimmer to the smallest comb and run the trimmer over your entire face at the desired length. If you’re not au-fait with using a beard trimmer remember that less is more - you can always reduce the length if it’s not tight enough but you can’t put it back on!

Step 3 - Tidy There’s nothing good about a ‘neckbeard’ so the next job is to tidy up your lower neck. Bring the guard down to about 3mm (or 1, in barbershop guard numbers) and buzz cut from your Adam’s apple up to two inches below your jawline.

Step 4 - Fade Next increase the length to circa two thirds of your desired beard length and go over the remaining two-inch area, fading your facial hair into your lower neck. The objective is to create a smooth, even, gentle gradient between the two lengths.

Step 5 - Clean Finally remove the guard all together and carefully clean cut below your Adam’s apple and the sides of your neck to create a defined neckline. If you prefer you can use an electric shaver or wet razor to clean shave your neck for an ultra crisp finish.

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The ‘Tom Ford’ beard is all about a tailored, crisp look so keep it tight and defined and you won’t go far wrong!