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How to Trim Your Underarms

Written by Advice Team on July 4, 2017

Unless you’re an athlete or body-builder no one expects you to be totally clean-shaven under the arms, but long, straggly hair sticking out from under your t-shirt isn't the best look. As well as looking untidy and feeling itchy, long underarm hair also tends to make you sweat more, collects and retains odour-causing bacteria and makes deodorant work less effectively.

Groomed pits are more comfortable, you sweat less, smell better, and look neater; most well-groomed men incorporate some form of underarm maintenance into their overall body grooming routine. Our team of experts recommend that you trim rather than actually shave the hair, to create a masculine, neat, and well groomed look.

The safest, most efficient and quickest way to trim is with an electric body trimmer. The Philips Bodygroom Series 3000 is our best selling trimmer. Not only is it perfect for trimming under your arms, it’s also designed for shaving and trimming your chest, abs, back, shoulders, groin area and legs safely and comfortably, so it’s a great all rounder.

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If you’re new to trimming your underarms here’s our how to guide to help get you started:

1. Thoroughly wash your underarms with soap and a washcloth then dry the area completely with a fresh towel
2. Standing in-front of a mirror raise your arm and place your hand on the back of your head to fully expose and stretch the underarm area
3. If your hair is over 3 inches long select a long attachment on your trimmer and shortens and thin out the hair
4. Next set your trimmer to the desired length - we recommend just under an inch (any shorter and you are at risk of prickly, scratchy stubble) ready for the trim
5. For the first stroke work the trimmer in an upward motion from the bottom up to the top of your armpit. Then work downwards, followed by sideways both ways, as underarm hair grows in multiple directions. Work slowly and with light strokes until you are satisfied that the length is consistent throughout
6. Have a rest and repeat on the other armpit

The first couple of times you trim it may cause minor chafing, but stick with it as after that it's not an issue. Continue to trim every 2-4 weeks to keep the hair under control and to keep you looking and feeling fresh and tidy!