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Why and How Men Should Exfoliate

Written by Advice Team on October 31, 2017

Many men’s grooming routines are limited to a splash of warm water, a slather of shaving foam and a quick once over with a cartridge razor, and then they wonder why their skin looks dull, tired and flaky! Taking proper care of your skin by adopting an effective skin care routine comes with a whole host of benefits, least of all looking good, so it’s well worth spending those few extra minutes in the morning.

One step men often neglect or don’t consider to be important is exfoliation. Designed to gently remove dead skin cells, excess sebum and dirt caught in pores, exfoliating products turn over fresh skin cells, keeping your skin fresh and clear and making you look younger, brighter and healthier.

The removal of the top layer of dead skin also allows your moisturiser to penetrate properly, aiding hydration and skin suppleness and reducing dry patches and flakiness. Last but by no means least, exfoliating will also help you to achieve a closer, more comfortable shave and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. So it’s a no-brainer.

You wouldn’t think there was such a thing as a technique when it comes to exfoliation but surprise - there is a right way and a wrong way to do it! Ready to get started? Here are our top dos and don’ts of using exfoliating products.

1. Exfoliate between 1 and 2 times a week depending on your skin type. For the average Joe once a week should be sufficient, but if your skin is a bit oilier or dryer increase or decrease accordingly.

2. Choose a scrub containing small beads which have a larger surface area and are more gentle on the skin.

3. Massage the scrub in sweeping, circular motions, moving methodically around the face. Succumb to sporadic scrubbing and you run the risk of missing some bits, and overdoing others. Steer clear of the eye area and lips - the skin here is extremely thin and very sensitive and may be aggravated and damaged by grainy scrubs.

4. Go easy - you’re not trying to scrub off multiple layers of skin; it should feel more like a buffing rather than a scrubbing. If you’re skin feels sore or sensitive after exfoliating chances are you’re going at it a bit hard or using too abrasive a product.

5. Use a hydrating and replenishing mask after exfoliating and then follow up with a rich moisturiser to soothe and protect.

If you prefer a less manual approach there is a range of electrical exfoliators available. A bit like a giant electrical toothbrush, these gadgets make short work of sloughing off every day build up of dirt, grime and dead skin. Don’t forget to replace worn brush heads every few months to ensure they stay both effective and hygienic.