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The Best Pre-Shave Products Under £10 for Dry Shaving

Written by Advice Team on January 10, 2018

Thinking about trying something new in your grooming routine in 2018? If you find that you’re a bit of an impulse buyer and will grab the best looking packaging off the shelf, it’s best to do a little research first. Change is definitely good and we’ve taken a look at some of the best reviewed pre-shave products, as rated by Shavers’ customers.

It can be a little daunting trying something new, especially if you like to keep your grooming products on a budget. That’s why we’ve kept our top 4 grooming products under £10.

BLOCMEN Aloe Vera Pre Shave Powder Stick

BLOCMEN powder sticks are applied to the skin before dry shaving and allow for an especially smooth shave. When dry shaving, it’s important to make sure the skin is completely dry to combat skin irritation. This particular BLOCMEN contains Aloe Vera, which soothes skin that suffers from irritation, such as razor burn. With its water-binding properties, it absorbs moisture, sweat and grease on the skin. If you’re not a fan of oil, then a powder stick might be the trick for you. They’re easy to use and leave the skin feeling fresh and revitalised, with added menthol.

Shavers customer’s rate the Aloe Vera Blocman as 4.8 out of 5

“Costs a little more but well worth it. I've been using Blocmen Sticks for years and decided to try the Aloe Vera and I find it even smoother and cooler than the original. service was as impressive as ever. Top marks for product and top marks for service. Thank you.” Submitted by Willie_J44

BLOCMEN Derma Pre Shave Powder Stick

The BLOCMEN Derma powder stick does exactly what it says on the tin and has been specially developed for men with sensitive skin types. It offers the same smooth, electric shave as the other powder sticks but doesn’t contain any colourants or fragrance, so you can rest assured the ingredients are going to keep your skin calm and clear.

Shavers customer’s rate the Derma Blocman as 4.4 out of 5

“Best electric pre-shave product around. I have used these since they were marketed as Remington Face Saver and found them far superior to liquid pre-shaves for a clean, close shave. Delivery was prompt as always.” Submitted by Paul

BLOCMEN Original Pre Shave Powder Stick

The Original BLOCMEN has been around for decades. All BLOCMEN’s contain talc which absorbs sweat and grease from the skin, to allow for a smooth, clean and dry electric shave. The powder works to straighten the hair for an easy glide and after shaving, the skin feels smooth and soft. All BLOCMEN pre-shave products work to stop redness and skin irritation from occurring, which has been proven worldwide for over 60 years.

Shavers customer reviews the Original Blocman as 4.9 out of 5

“First you need a good electric shaver. That's not so easy, but it is possible. Then you can add Blocmen and it converts a shave into a pleasure. I have used it for a few years when it was difficult to find. It is just the best - try shaving with and without it and you will need no further convincing.” Submitted by Fine Shave

King of Shaves Sensitive Advanced Pre Shave Oil

The King of Shaves is the world’s most advanced shaving oil. Oils soften the skin and work with the hair to make sure it sticks up ready for the blade. It gives a super smooth surface for the blade to glide over the hair preventing nicks and the blade from tugging. Its convenient pump-action dispenser can offer up to 100 shaves.

Shavers customers have reviewed the King of Shaves as 5 out of 5 stars

“Over 40 years of shaving and always have to keep going over and over the same heavy growth parts but this stuff going on first and it's one glide over and a perfect shave is the result. Skin being so much smoother is an added bonus I didn't expect. 10/5 for this one .” Submitted by Kennelman

“One of the reasons I've been using a wet razor of many years is the lack of pre electric preparations in the market. Now I've found this one there is no turning back” Submitted by Bob E

Not sure what you should use? Here’s a guide to choosing pre-shave products alongside your grooming routine. See the Shavers full range of post-shave products.