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The Guide to Expert Male Grooming

Written by Advice Team on February 19, 2018

Many of us will remember our first shave, whether it was with our dad in front of a mirror, with a friend or you simply went solo, it felt like our first step into adulthood. Some of us barely had any hair to shave, we faced nicks daily and there was always an over zealous splash of aftershave, but we still felt a sense of pride in doing it.

Men’s grooming has become increasingly popular over the last decade and there are so many different tools, products, techniques and advice articles for us to get a little overwhelmed. Should we be changing our habits? Do we need to reconsider our routines? Is the type of tool I used when I was young the one I should be using now?

Our advice team has put together a guide from our advice articles based on questions we’re often asked and the results from our recent survey, to help answer or dispel any doubts.

1. Should I be using an electric shaver instead of a cartridge razor?

For many of us, a cartridge razor was our first introduction to shaving and it’s become our main tool for the job. However, although cartridge razors can achieve a very close wet shave, there’s a huge range of electric shavers that do the job just as well wet or dry, they’re more efficient and make shaving feel a little less like a daily chore.

We compared them both in our article cartridge razors vs electric shavers to understand the pros and cons of both.

2. How do I choose the right electric shaver for me?

Wet or dry, mains or battery, rotary or foil; the options are limitless and we know it’s a bit of a brain teaser when trying to decide what to go for. Personal preference will always be a big factor but budget, type of blade and skin type are just a few of the factors to consider.

Our advice team went through each factor and picked out the information you need to know when choosing the perfect electric shaver for you.

3. My electric shaver isn’t shaving like it used to, should I get a new one?

Don’t be too hasty when it comes to buying a completely new electric shaver. The foil and rotary blades of electric shavers can dull just like any type of blade. By simply replacing the blades, you’ll have your electric shaver back to its optimum performance.

Not entirely convinced? Take a look at our article on why and when you should replace your electric shaver blades and how to change your rotary or foil blades safely.

4. I feel like I spend forever shaving every day. It’s become a bit of a chore. How can I save time shaving?

If you’re shaving every day then it can feel like a bit of a necessary evil. There are plenty of ways to speed up your routine though - from changing tools to using different products and cutting down the time cleaning your shaver. Here are our top tips for saving time when shaving.

5. I think I’ve got sensitive skin. How do I prevent razor burn and skin irritation?

Most men with sensitive skin will suffer from razor burn, skin irritation or blemishes at some point in their lifetime. Even some men without naturally sensitive skin will find themselves having to deal with it, too. There are ways of helping to prevent irritation and we put together a guide to help avoid outbreaks from men prone to sensitive skin, as well as 5 simple steps to clearer skin.

6. I’m a black man and I suffer from ingrown hair. Is there a way of preventing them?

Up to 80% of black men live with the problem of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Ingrown hairs can be uncomfortable, painful and unsightly, but there are plenty of ways to prevent them. Our advice team put together an expert guide to preventing ingrown hairs specifically for black men.

7. … but I don’t need to shave, I’ve got a beard. How do I choose the right beard trimmer?

Growing a beard has always been popular but over the last 5 or 6 years, there seems to have been a boom in a man’s preference to have one. It’s seen a rise in different grooming tools as well as various beard care products to keep the hair nourished and soft.

We took a look at the key factors when choosing a beard trimmer and the best selling trimmers on Shavers.

Beard care is just as important as skin care. Just because you’ve grown a luscious beard in, it doesn’t mean you can neglect looking after the skin beneath. Ever had beard itch? That’s because your skin is dehydrated due to the coarse hair of your beard using the moisture from the skin for the hair.

There are plenty of steps when it comes to beard care - from washing your beard to maintaining your beard and choosing the right oil or balm to nourish it.

8. My partner asked me to manscape but I don’t know what manscaping is? I don’t know how to trim or shave my groin area safely either.

Manscaping is simply the removal or trimming of a man’s hair on their body. It could be for cosmetic reasons, hygiene or comfort. Some men like to manscape whilst others don’t - there’s no right or wrong.

There are benefits to manscaping and we listed the top 5 reasons, as well as guide to safely shaving and trimming your balls.

9. How do I get rid of nose hair?

Annoyingly as men approach middle age, their head hair disappears only to reappear in the most undesirable of places; the ears and nose. Excess ear and nose hair is a common problem faced by many men as they age and the hormone levels in their body change. Our advice team put together a guide to safely remove excess nose and ear hair.

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